The power of kindness in schools Children and teachers share their thoughts on kindness and a new Red Cross teaching resource.
Children at Sudbourne Primary School, London, were among tens of thousands of children learning about kindness through a free British Red Cross teaching resource.
Many ...
Privacy and Security Rules | HIPAA Training Take HIPAA training at today!
The Privacy and Security Rules allows covered health care providers to share PHI electronically for treatment purposes, as long as they apply reasonable safeguards when doing so.
Here's how we put the power of kindness into 2018 We take a look back at everything the British Red Cross has achieved in 2018 and say thank you to all the staff, volunteers, service users and supporters who made our work possible.
The British Red Cross' vision is ...
Ever wondered what our humanitarian volunteers do in the UK? Watch our short film to find out what work the British Red Cross does in the UK.
Some things may surprise you!
The British Red Cross' vision is of a world in which everyone receives the help they need ...
Kindness helped Andy when he faced cancer alone Andy is living with bowel cancer. His condition is serious. But to Andy, it’s not the cancer that will kill him, it’s his loneliness.
He has always chosen to lead a relatively solitary life, but when he was diagnosed with ...
We Save Lives - St John Ambulance An insight into the incredible, life saving work our people provide every single day. From providing first aid training to adults and young people up and down the country, volunteering at events – on standby to save lives - to ...
What is PHI (Protected Health Information)? | HIPAA Training Take HIPAA training at today!
Any information that is individual to your patient, past, present or future, about the care provided, the physical health and mental health of an individual is PHI.
What is a Covered Entity? | HIPAA Training Take HIPAA training at today!
A Covered Entity is any provider of medical or other health services, or a person that has PHI.
Important HIPAA Terminology to Know Take HIPAA training at
HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. In this video, we cover this and other terms like HITECH, covered entities, business associates and more.

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